March 26, 2014


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At this very second, SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD

A baby is being born

An animal has just given birth

A couple have just been married

Someone  has just graduated college or university

Someone has just won the lottery

Someone has just received the keys to their new home

A child has just discovered they can hear

Someone has just been given a chance to start a new life

Someone has just arrived home to a warm, loving family

Someone has discovered they really can sing

An animal has been welcomed into a loving home

Someone is praying and giving thanks

And at this very second,  SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD

A child has just died from malnutrition

A mother is inconsolable after giving birth to her stillborn baby

A parent has arrived home drunk or drugged and terrorised the family

Someone has committed suicide

Someone has been killed in an accident

Someone has been murdered

A mother waits anxiously fretting because her child has not arrived home from school

A small business owner is fending off a thief who is demanding his daily takings

A firefighter is risking his or her life

Children are cowering in terror as more gunfire ricochets around their suburb in a country uncertain for its future

Another elephant has been killed for its ivory tusks

Someone is praying … praying for help

As I write this, with all the SOMEWHERE’S IN THE WORLD crashing around in my head I keep thinking of the ongoing second by second of more SOMEWHERE’S IN THE WORLD and I give thanks that I am safe and well in my SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Lesley Palma

26 March 2014

Somewhere In The World







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